Our purpose is to inspire everyone with an interest in the Cranborne Chase Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty (AONB) to get involved in the conservation and enhancement of this special landscape.

Advising and Influencing

Cranborne Chase AONB Partnership

The Trust is formally represented on the Cranborne Chase AONB Partnership with a trustee attending AONB Partnership Panel meetings.

The AONB Partnership is responsible for coordinating the publication and implementation of the Cranborne Chase Management Plan 2014-2019. The Trust is actively involved in helping to deliver those Management Plan actions that accord with its charitable purpose and are not the responsibility of other organisations to deliver.

Learn more about the Cranborne Chase AONB Partnership.

Hampshire Avon Catchment Partnership

A significant portion of this large river catchment covers much of the AONB. The rivers Wylye, Ebble, Nadder, Ashford and Allen (tributaries of the Hampshire Avon) drain much of the AONB and the Hampshire Avon is close the AONB boundary. The water bodies of the AONB have had a profound influence on its landscape, and water quality and wider catchment management has an important influence on the AONB's biodiversity. The Trust is working with the Catchment Partnership to enhance the AONB's water bodies.

Learn more about the Hampshire Avon Catchment Partnership.


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